Show dates: November 9 – December 14, 2013

Opening reception: Saturday, November 9. 6:30-9:00

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, noon-6pm or by appointment


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Project 4 is pleased to present Supreme Magnetic, a solo exhibition through which Ellington Robinson explores the forces that shape the “political containers” we call states and nations.


In charting these territories, Robinson layers remnants of cultural memory on canvas and segments of worn furniture. Charred album sleeves form jagged shorelines, and islands of found broken glass are submerged in clouded seas. The artist builds and buries evidence in this terrain for the viewer to navigate, revealing the economic, political and sociological motives of human-defined boundaries.


As a cartographer meticulously represents the world as-is, Robinson respects the “supreme” phenomena that influence Earth’s order and tension. Against the moon’s rhythmic pull of the tides and the abrupt shifts of tectonic plates, the artist measures humankind’s attempts to control land and its people. It’s “a world map in constant division” by way of racism, classism and imperialism. As maps are typically consulted to pinpoint one’s location, with Robinson’s work we are left to contemplate place versus placement.