7 times Bollywood gave us super fashion goals

Baby pink & fluorescent green saree

Bollywood has inspired fashion and has been creating trend waves for decades now. We all love Bollywood for various reasons, but style is the most prominent one. Whether it’s India or abroad, the Bollywood trends are followed all over the world in one way or the other. So what are the few evergreen Bollywood fashion styles which never saw the dawn of outdated? Follow the post to have a good read.

  1. Patiala with t-shirt: Before Jab We Met, who knew that you could pair t-shirts with Patiala salwar and replace them with your jammies for a better night’s sleep? Well, after we saw Kareena Kapoor Khan wear this combination, it went viral and became every girl’s go-to-sleep wardrobe essential. It’s still in trend.
  2. Chiffon sarees: Sarees are the essence of our Indian culture and when it comes to Bollywood, how can you forget Chandni and chiffon sarees. After Sridevi wore a gorgeous chiffon saree in the mountains covered with snow, the style became a favourite among all Bollywood lovers and girls could be spotted imitating the saree style soon after. Since it’s a comfortable cloth and looks pretty, it never went out of fashion.
  3. Athlete look: Remember Karishma Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit’s athlete looks in Dil Toh Pagal Hai? Of course, you do because that is precisely from where the style became a hit and is one of the evergreen styles which are never going to fade with time. Sports bras, yoga pants, big hair bands and sports shoes were a favourite then and still are.
  4. Deep back blouses: Madhuri Dixit has given us numerous fashion trends which made her a style icon for many young girls. But one of her evergreen looks which is still a fashion statement for many would be her diamond cut deep back blouse which she wore in the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. This style was in various countries outside of India as well and became a great hit.
  5. Fish style drape: Who can compete with the glamorous Mumtaz, right? In her golden years, she gave us a saree drape which became a sensation in no time. Remember her song Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche, and her mesmerising orange saree? Well, that drape was unique and gorgeous to look at and soon became a wedding must- wear for many ladies. It’s called the fish drape and can be spotted nowadays as well.
  6. Aztec print skirts: Aztec prints are a popular trend these days which can be spotted at various parts of the world. It is a favourite form of Indian clothes in Sydney as well. Aztec print mini skirts look stunning and are perfect for casual outings. But who started that trend in Bollywood, you ask? Well, can you ever forget the oh-so-glamorous role played by Deepika Padukone as Veronica in Cocktail? That’s your cue!
  7. High waist jeans with denim shirts: We all love to sport high waist jeans with denim shirts or crop tops, right? If you are under the impression that it’s an all-new trend, then you are mistaken. Urmila Matondkar was a fashion icon in her era, and that is when she started this trend in her film Rangeela. The next time you go out with your friends for a casual outing or even a date, thank her in your heart.

Bollywood dresses always have been a spectacular source of fashion inspiration for all Bollywood followers and continue to do the same. Comment below about the trend which you loved the most and like to wear out and also, share this post with your other Bollywood lover friends for some style inspiration.


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